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Ceiling Fan Installation – Why They Are Important

ceiling fan

The Guide to a Ceiling Fan

How to regulate the temperature in your home

Here at HomeTown Electric, we are proud to call Georgia our home. With the great food, southern hospitality, and all four beautiful distinct seasons, Georgia is a great place to live. Enjoying those changing seasons means battling the heat in the warmer months and trying to keep the chill off in the cooler months. There is no better way to aid in accomplishing this inside your home than by installing a ceiling fan, and our expert electricians can take care of this for you!

How will installing a ceiling fan be beneficial to your home?

Energy Efficiency – Ceiling fans are the most effective circulating fan, and they can lower your electric bill by 30-40%.  Adjusting your fan from counterclockwise in the summer to clockwise in the winter will create effective circulation, thus conserving energy and decreasing your energy bill.

Comfort – Ceiling fans enhance comfort by aiding the temperatures in your home year-round, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Studies have shown that some Americans sleep better while a ceiling fan is operating, providing a more restful night’s sleep—and we all know how important sleep is to our health. Another added benefit is that the wind generated by the ceiling fan makes it difficult for flying insects, so ceiling fans assist in keeping pesky bugs away.

Style – Ceiling fans are a great way to add style while simultaneously helping regulate the temperature in your home. There is a vast variety of colors, finishes, and shapes to choose from, as well as attached lighting fixtures. The architecture of the fan, combined with lighting and light airflow, create an inviting atmosphere.

Whether you need a new fan, repair, or replacement, ceiling fan installation by a licensed electrician is a must to ensure the fan is properly wired, aligned, and balanced for the safety of your family.

Begin your “HomeTown Advantage” by contacting HomeTown Electric and enjoy the quiet whisper of a ceiling fan as it keeps your home comfortable and peaceful all year long!