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Appliances, Outlets, Fixtures, and More

Let’s face it, some things in life just don’t last forever, and some things were installed incorrectly from the start. Regardless if you’re troubleshooting poor electrical work, addressing a sudden malfunction, or fixing something that’s past it’s prime, HomeTown Electric can help you.

When your home suffers a power loss, is plagued by flickering lights, or has non-functional outlets, you owe it to your family and self to make sure it’s repaired quickly and safely. Our licensed electrical team, led by a third-generation electrician with over 25 years of experience, realizes the importance of electricity in your home, from powering your kitchen appliances to heating and cooling your home.

When you call HomeTown Electric for your home electrical repairs, you can trust that you’re hiring the right electrician with the right credentials. Every team member is certified, bonded, and insured by HomeTown Electric, and arrives at your home in company marked vehicles equipped with specialty tools and standard parts needed to complete any job.

Reach out to our Dallas electrical repair team today through our online contact form or by calling us at (770) 809-6560! We’ll answer all of your electrical repair questions and provide you with a free proposal!

From Major Repairs to Basic Household Fixes, We’ve Got You Covered

When your electrical system isn’t working like it normally does, we know that you want answers fast. Even if it’s just a minor inconvenience, you want to know that the problem isn’t going to be getting worse and that your family won’t be threatened by sparks, arcing, or other dangerous electric issues. Our professional electricians will always be here for you to provide fast solutions and real advice. No matter what time it is, if you need an electrician on the job, we’re available 24/7 to get you the help you need.

Our Dallas Electrical Repair Team Can Help You Fix:

  • Flickering, buzzing, or dim lights
  • Broken outlets
  • Partial outages/half power
  • Blown fuses
  • Faulty or frayed wiring
  • And more!

What Are Common Electrical Emergencies?

While a lack of power is a major inconvenience, it could also be a sign that something more serious is going on in your electrical system and you need assistance from our Dallas electrical repair experts immediately. Not sure if you're dealing with something that requires emergency repairs?

Some of the common electrical emergencies include:

  • Power outages: If you're the only home on your block that's without power, it could be an issue with your electrical system. First, try resetting the circuit breakers to see if that restores your power. If not, make sure all your appliances and lights are switched to the off setting and give us a call. We'll inspect your system to get to the root of the problem and perform all necessary repairs to get your power restored.
  • Electrical fires: Both faulty appliances and faulty electrical systems can result in electrical fires. Whatever the cause, an electrical fire is extremely dangerous. First, call 911 and make sure you and your family are safely out of harm's way. If it's same to remain in your home, we recommend that you cut your power supply and see if you can use a fire extinguisher to help put the fire out. When you do get the fire out, it's important that you don't turn on your electrical appliances or lights. Give us a call first so we can make any necessary repairs to ensure everything is safe to operate once again.
  • Burnt outlets: Your outlets should never get too hot to touch, start to burn, or catch fire. If they do, it means that there is a problem with that circuit. Because it can lead to an electrical fire, you need to have the circuit repaired right away. Make sure that you turn off the circuit at your breaker box and then unplug everything from the outlet.
  • Flickering lights: While one flickering light typically means that you have an issue with the bulb or fixture, multiple flickering lights in your home signals a larger issue. Typically, this means that there is a problem with the connection in the circuit. It's important to have your electrical system inspected because a problem with a circuit can lead to issues with overheating, sparking, and, at worse, electrical fires.
  • Noisy breaker box: An overloaded break box that fails to trip is a shock and fire hazard. Hearing a buzzing or crackling sound can be a sign that you have a problem. Suppose your breaker box isn't working correctly. In that case, you'll get circuits that start to burn, which causes unusual noises. It would be best if you did not use any appliances until you called an emergency electrician.

5 Star Reviews


    “David & Tanner did an excellent job installing two new pendant light fixtures in our kitchen which has 18 foot ceilings. They were professional and completed the job in less than two hours.”

    - Pat H.
    Exceeded expectations

    “We encountered a company over the weekend that deserves kudos in a world where this kind of service is rare. Hometown Electric exceeded all expectations. Twice now after hours we have had to call this ...”

    GREAT job!!!!

    “We LOVE Hometown Electrics! They are very professional and more than willing to answer all of our questions and concerns. The quotes they gave us were more than reasonable and the work quality is ...”

    - Sean & Tammy F.
    Best of the best

    “I have used Hometown Electric for multiple jobs during our house remodel during Covid-19 Pandemic. I can not say enough good things about the electricians. "David" did multiple of those jobs and ...”

    - DStastny
    Great Service

    “I am very pleased with the service! Jake was very knowledgeable, kind, and considerate. He did great work and was great company! I will definitely be calling back for any other needs we may run in to. ...”

    - TARA

Trust the Professionals to Get Things Done Right

The electric currents that run through your home have a lot of power, and if you’re not careful, working with them can seriously injure you or your loved ones. Plus, even if you do avoid injury, DIY electrical repairs are typically less effective and can leave your home vulnerable to future problems. Some common “fixes” can even make things worse!

You should always trust your electrical repairs to a licensed and insured electrician. At HomeTown Electric, we make sure that your home is always being taken care of by a fully trained technician who knows exactly what to do to bring quality electricity back into your home without injuries, property damage, or causing further issues. We back all of our work with our personal 100% satisfaction guarantee – if the job doesn’t get done right the first time, we’ll come back at no extra cost to you.

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