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Is Whole House Surge Protection Really Necessary?

We use electronics more today than ever before, and our homes are full of appliances and devices that are very sensitive to power changes when charging or being operated. This is why home surge protectors have become more important than ever for the prepared homeowner! Without protection, your devices and appliances could be damaged or even rendered useless.

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What is a Surge?

A surge occurs when there is a brief spike in electricity in your home. This spike could be subtle or very significant. With such a flood of electricity, devices and lights in your home can become overloaded and short out or become fried by heat generated by the electricity. Even a small change in the flow of electricity to your home can cause damage to thousands of dollars’ worth of property.

One form of a surge happens when lightning strikes near your home and enters the electric grid and power lines connected to your home electrical system. The flood of electric current quickly travels through the ground, telephone lines, and other mediums to end in our homes.

Surges don’t only occur during storms, either. A surge can happen from minor changes in the supply of electricity from your provider to the electrical grid which your home is connected to. The electricity supply in your home needs to be regulated, just like your home needs to be protected from the weather, in order to maintain safety!

How Does Whole House Surge Protection Work?

Whole house surge protection stands in the path of excess electricity and safely prevents it from overwhelming your electrical system. The Surge Protector is installed directly to your electrical panel and exterior AC units. It works by limiting and regulating the flow of electricity, like a water faucet. They are resilient and can last for years, protecting your home and devices from the most common forms of power surges.

While surge protectors prevent damage from most common surges, it’s important to know that direct lightning strike damage is very difficult to prevent via surge protectors. However, nearby strikes entering the home are mitigated by good Whole House Surge Protection.

How Long Does a Surge Protector Last?

The average lifespan of a surge protector can last up to 3 to 5 years. However, if your home is subject to recurring brownouts or even blackouts, you may want to consider replacing your surge protectors as regularly as every two years.

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